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2 things to consider as you approach graduation:

1. Apply for your degree on duck-web: do this for the term that you complete all your coursework; If you are finishing up classes in the summer or fall than you should apply for the end of summer or fall (not spring). You can still participate in commencement even if you have some coursework to finish after spring term.

If you are finishing your degree this term you must also fill out the General Science Program and Career Competencies Reflection. You must do this for your degree to be approved by the Program Director. Note: Download the form before filling it out or your work might be lost!


2. Commencement Information:


  • Main Ceremony: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Departmental Ceremonies (including the grad roll slides) will be released at 10:30 AM


Please read through this site carefully, it has the most accurate information about commencement, we are minimizing duplication on the General Science site to avoid ending up with outdated information:


Things that are easy to miss:

UO is providing FREE diploma covers through the duckstore, but you have to order them (you can get these even if you don’t order anything else)


You can participate in the virtual ceremony and get the graduation celebration box even if you are NOT technically eligible*. To do this, please email with your full NAME and STUDENT NUMBER and CC Jana (GS Director) on the email (


*Eligible graduates are anyone who applied to graduate winter 2019, spring 2019, summer 2019 or fall 2019, and any undergraduate student who was/is enrolled winter 2020 or spring 2020 and has at least 156 cumulative credits, or any masters student enrolled winter 2019 or spring 2020 who has at least 40 cumulative credits or doctoral students with 80 cumulative credits. You can also tell that you are eligible because you would have received an email from: “Vice President for Student Life” subject line: Commencement update on 4/24/2020

Academic deadlines, including degree application deadlines (on DuckWeb), are listed at:
Academic Dates & Deadlines By Term/Semester

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