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Advising in the context of social distancing:

You can contact Jana Prikryl (General Science Program Director) directly by sending an email to

Tykeson Advising: All Tykeson advisors are still providing remote advising and drop-in advising appointments. To schedule a “drop-in,” students can use the chat function on this website: from M-F, 10-3pm. To schedule an appointment you can use the chat function on the website, or schedule directly through Navigate. From there, you will receive instructions on using Microsoft Teams for a remote appointment.

Flight Path Email: The Healthy Communities flight path email is now working well and a great way to communicate with all of the flight path advisors at once. It is


Who does what:

Both Jana and Tykeson advising:
Schedule planning
Checking academic progress
Career discussions (we also have a Career Center in Tykeson that can help with career planning and our fantastic Health Professions Program (HPP), also in Tykeson)

Contact Jana for:
change of major requests: fill out the linked form and email it to
Petitions/exceptions specific to General Science Major requirements
Information on how transfer courses might apply to the General Science major
General Science Honors


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