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Quick Reference Checklist

Courses used for the major must be completed with grades of C– or P (pass) or better. Courses graded N (no pass) or F may be repeated for credit.

Lower Division Requirements:

  •  MATH 251/246 and MATH 252/247
  • Three approved sequences, two must include labs
    • sequences that include, or have the option to include, labs: BI  CH  CIS  GEOL  PHYS
    • options that do not include labs: ANTH  GEOG
      • though some of the classes in this category are 3oo level, students cannot use the same class to fulfill both this requirement and the upper division portion of the GS requirements.

Upper Division Requirements:

  • At least 32 upper division credits from the list here.
    • 24 credits must be taken at UO.
    • At least 12 graded credits must be in one field and at least 12 graded credits must be in a second field.
    • At lease 24 credits must be taken as graded, not P/NP.
    • 4 of the 32 credits may be research (401), thesis (403), or supervised college teaching (402) credits.
    • Credits for Seminar, Reading & Conference, Practicum, Internship, and Tutorial may not be used towards the GS major.
    • Note for double majors, upper division credits used for another major may not be used to satisfy GenSc requirements.

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